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Ummmm I Meant to do this Sooner

July 29, 2011

Holy Crap!

My summer is almost gone and I have only posted, well this… I have spent my summer recovering from this strange school year and from life in general. Now, just for full disclosure, recovery includes staying up until all hours of the night watching cooking shows on the Food Network and home make-over shows on HGTV and sleeping in. Lots of sleeping.

I am finally, in the last few days beginning to feel more normal and I just realized that I have about 2 weeks until I have to head back to work. I am actually excited to go back to work (mainly because it means shopping for school supplies) and to get a schedule that is more human again, but I really love being a hermit for the summer. I have only left the house on necessary errands and a few trips out to dinner. I rarely call people and in turn people rarely call. I think I may have forgotten how to use the phone. And overall, this is okay with me. I am not good with most people, I am awkward, I still have a Middle School sense of humor (hence my job), and though I mean well, I often just seem strange and out of place. So this summer has been a dream.

The only real things I have done are work in the kitchen, quilt, and clean. I can’t post a picture of my cleaning because with three kids it lasts about 10 seconds before everything looks again like a bomb has gone off. I can, however share a few photos of my kitchen in progress and of the one quilt I have finished and maybe even the one I have started.

well on it's way

The new kitchen door and window

And now…

Isn't it fancy?

We have drywall! It's not finished but, its there!

The floor phase will begin soon and then someday, I may be able to use my kitchen again!

Next, the quilts

The first one took me a long time to make due to procrastination, but it has turned out really nice!  I can’t wait till I get better and I will sell my quilts!  Translation, I want to keep quilting but, we are running out of places to put quilts and my husband says he doesn’t want to live in a heap of quilts.

Looks cozy

A baby quilt made for family

And the next one is a picture of what someone else made but, I am working on this pattern now…

I hate triangles

This quilt has been quite difficult for me due to my hatred of triangles and lack of time

So in picture form, that is my summer


Procrastination Leads To This… If You Wait Long Enough

August 12, 2009

When my son turned one, my sister-in-law made him the most beautiful quilt, which started my burning desire to  be able to make one, too.  That summer, on a visit to see our family in Illinois, I did just that.  I bought $80 worth of fabrics (much to my husband’s chagrin) and cut them into strips, then I sewed a few and began to feel like a master.  I thought, “My god, there’s nothing to this! I’ll be a professional in no time flat.”

Procrastination for me is a way of life, so the quilt fell into my deep, dark hole of, “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow.” For two or three years, it seemed like every tomorrow was not exactly right, so I finally had to come to terms with just working little by little and taking lessons from my sister-in-law whenever I could.

Finally, four years later, I have a quilt.  The quilt is a row shorter than planned due to my lack of organization over the years, but I am still very happy with the end result.