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Bedrest vs Work

December 8, 2010

So, yesterday I was officially put on bedrest that was set to begin today.

However, I went to work today, because I am a workaholic who has trouble handing over control of her classroom to someone else.

This all came as a pretty big shock because everything had been improving and the doctor has been so optimistic at each appointment.  Even things at work have been good, all 8 boys were beautifully behaved for the last week and a half.  I had all these fun Christmas plans with them (because we live in a rural, insanely religious, everyone is the same kinda place we call it Christmas) .

We have an art project a day next week, a tree to put up and decorate, a Christmas play to put on, cookies to bake together, a party to have, and gifts to make for their families.

And now, I have to hand over all the fun to someone else so I can sit on the couch and rest.  I know it sounds dumb to complain about, but no matter how much I complain some days, I love teaching, and being away from it is hard.

Plus, my desk was still a freaking mess and I feel bad for the poor woman who has to take over my desk and try to find anything useful.  I had grand plans for cleaning that up as well…

I guess I can look on the bright side and know that I will now get to watch all the girl movies I can stand, check facebook ten million times a day, read blogs that I rarely get time to enjoy, and maybe help keep my poor husband from going crazy with our kitchen remodel.  That last one is a maybe cause I am not really that useful for anything other than finding overly priced things I want and last minute projects we should add in.




Flowers for Lazy-non

October 28, 2009

It is not often in my house that flowers are bought for an occasion, let alone, just because.  Now, this is not something that makes me sad, or even think twice, because mostly, other than the initial reaction of

“Oooooo, how pretty!”

My second instinct is, shit, I am going to have to clean these up when this all is said and done.  And, if people who know me could only use one word to describe me  in the world, it would be lazy, or at least that is what they would be thinking, even if the words coming from their mouth said something they thought wouldn’t hurt my feelings.  Let me tell you, it won’t hurt my feelings, I am lazy and I enjoy it when I have the time.

All of this being said, my husband, the most frugal and thoughtful man in the world, bought me surprise non-occasion flowers.  So in order to get the most bang for my buck,  in honor of my husband, I am sharing my flowers with everyone because they are so damn pretty!

Pretty in Pink



Beautiful Roses surrounded by mess

See, I am lazy, look around the flowers and see my handiwork.