More About Me

Wait, I realized I am forgetting this is not who I am, it is merely what helps to define me in the outside world. I am just Jennie. I’m undefinable. I am outgoing, strong, silly, quirky, crazy, loud, talkative, quite, stubborn, selfish, mean, awkward, nerdy, and many many other things. I am a woman in search of herself. In the short life I have led I have seemingly lost who I am to who others assume me to be when they read the first statement of the world’s easy categorical statement of who I am.

In this blog you will see many sides of me. I will talk about my husband, my career, my family, my kids, my life, my lack of a life, and anything that is shiny and catches my eye.


2 Comments on “More About Me”

  1. I totally have a million questions for you about this blog! e-mail me! mwyatt @

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