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Summer Inspiration

June 29, 2012

Lately, I have been in a weird mood.

I am staying up until crazy hours (4am), watching a ton of t.v. (3-4 hours for me is lots), and just generally struggling with human interactions.  It’s summer break, I should be living it up right?  I can not believe I am about to say this, but overall I miss my schedule.  I feel like a giant child who just constantly needs a nap and to be given directions on what to do next.

Not surprisingly, my kids are loving this version of life.  Eating dinner at 8:30 means they are not in bed until 9:30 and for my oldest it means sneaking a light into bed and staying up until midnight.  Which in turn means getting up at 11:00am and that means that my daughter, who’s 5, and the middle child doesn’t have to take a nap.  And, finally, it means that when my youngest does take a nap and the house is quite and I am drained and that I can nap perpetuating the whole cycle.

Now, normal people say: this is fixable, break your cycle and become normal again.  And yes, that sounds easy, but what do I have to do that is so pressing? I need reasons to be up. And not reasons like cleaning my house I can procrastinate those like nobody’s business, especially since no one ever comes to my house.

See there I go, procrastinating on tasks I am just idly listing off…

So, please for the sake of my children share some of your summer time activities other than work, that get you up, motivated, and moving.