Good News

Here is the newest and latest update:

Okay, just last night I went to the doctor and she said the blood work came back all great!  So that is a really good thing.

They did say the the baby continues to measure asymmetrically and so they are having me come in 2 times a week now for ultrasounds and fetal monitoring and appointments.

Beyond that I have also been scheduled for an appointment with a Maternal-Fetal medicine office and they are going to do a Targeted Ultrasound so that they can get more specific measurements of everything on the baby and where the placenta is and why it may be causing the baby to have restricted growth.

The only thing we seem to have sure word on is that we should be expecting him to come early.

So overal,l this is good and the caution is just to make sure that they pay as much attention as they can to make sure he at  least continues to grow even if not evenly.  I have a feeling when he doesn’t show enough growth then they will want to deliver him.

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4 Comments on “Good News”

  1. Whew! Good news is good. Maybe the little bugger is just messing with their equipment.

    • jennieology Says:

      I figure he is related to Dan so anything is possible! Maybe he is just playing a joke he will let us all in on once he is here. 🙂 We are just so grateful that the major stuff is ruled out, that everything else seems workable.

  2. Kori Says:

    What a relief! I can only imagine how muc more positive it must seem to you! I will continue to send up those good thoughts; how much longer?

    • jennieology Says:

      Well, they are saying that he will be early so we are thinking about 2 or 3 weeks. But if by some miracle he goes full term it will be just after Christmas. Thank you for the good thoughts I truly appreciate it and we are indeed so relieved that there are no major problems.

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