Let’s All Hurry Up and Wait Together

This pregnancy baffles me.

My blood pressure has been through the roof, I have been having contractions on and off,  and just feel pretty run down.

I am resting a great deal, I am eating well, I am taking vitamins, I am now taking blood pressure medicine, I have been careful but not overly careful, and last week I was moved to weekly appointments  and non-stress tests, and ultrasounds every few weeks.

While I was not excited about weekly visits or non-stress tests (monitoring the baby’s heart rate and checking for contractions for a half hour) I was quite excited about this first ultrasound.  We haven’t had a glimpse of this little guy since 19 weeks and I couldn’t wait to see how he was growing and doing in there.

My appointment started out well, during the non-stress test there were no contractions this week, the baby’s heart rate was fantastic.  I went to the ultrasound and the lady was really nice, not overly chatty, and in the end she printed a few pictures of the babies face and showed me that his “junk” was all there and that he is indeed a boy, and sent me on my way.

I went and left a urine sample (sorry for the TMI) and got weighed and lost 2 lbs.  All I can say to that is, Woohoo!!! I sit down in the exam room and the nurse takes my blood pressure and it is 112/88 and things seem to be on the up swing here.

The doctor comes in and we are chatting about my blood pressure improvement, exchanging jokes and laughing.  I was two seconds from walking out the door a happy and relaxed woman for the first time in weeks.

Then the nurse came and ruined it all.  She had a report from the ultrasound tech. and she said “she wanted to make sure you looked at this.”

Things like that should be said outside the room, dammit!

The doctor looked at it and replied to the nurse well, make sure she has another ultrasound scheduled soon and schedule a torch test. At this point all I can think of is the Monty Python sketch about witch hunting.

She then turns to me and say “it seems the baby’s head is larger than his body and I since we don’t really know why we are just gonna look into it before we worry about it.”   Which is reassuring for about 10 minutes or so (pretty much just long enough for me to head over to the lab).  I leave the office to go for my now, mostly mysterious, Torch test and while I am sitting there I realize, wait a minute, I shouldn’t worry or stress about this, but hmmm, it does seem concerning come to think of it.

The baby’s head is bigger than it should be and his body is smaller.  So I figure I will call Dan, he can quickly look this up, ease my worries, and this will be fine.

Wrong, my phone does not work there, because AT&T sucks balls here, so now I am sitting in a waiting room thinking, and that is Dangerous folks.  Sit a pregnant lady alone in a waiting room to worry and make up her own solutions and you get some pretty crazy stuff.

Now, the Torch test is a blood test looking for infections that could be the root cause of this, and after they draw 8 (yup, I said 8) vials of blood I am free to go home and worry some more there. And be grilled as to the exact wording of everything said, because my memory is shitty and I can really only pick out the important phrases and not exact wording.

Let me just say – searching the internet has not been my friend.

So now, I will hurry up and wait, to find out the deal and hope that everything will be fine.


Have I ever mentioned I suck at waiting?

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4 Comments on “Let’s All Hurry Up and Wait Together”

  1. Kori Says:

    Waiting is never easy for me either; I totally want to feel like I am DOING something, and if I know? Even if it sucks, then I can figure out how to deal. Keep me posted, will you? I will send up good thoughts!

    • My son had the biggest head on record. Let’s do a little math, shall we? We generally dilate to 10 cm, right? So the circumference of that is pi X 10, which is about 31.4 cm. The boy? His head was 34cm, three weeks before my due date. No wonder they wanted to induce! And it can’t be brains ‘cuz this kid can be a real dope.

      • jennieology Says:

        Haha well it is good to know that maybe it is just Dan’s big head being handed down. That is what we are currently hoping for.

    • jennieology Says:

      I will keep you posted.
      Thank you for the thoughts we could use them about now!
      I feel the same way about not knowing, even if it is something bad I would rather know and make plans while having the opportunity to think and feel things out.

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