Feeling Like A Bad Parent

As a teacher it is all to common to see kids and wonder where things went wrong and generally assume that a tough home life has something to do with it.  I know this, I feel bad about it, and yet it happens a lot, especially working as a special education teacher in a private-therapeutic day school for children who are Emotionally Disabled.

Well, I swear with the way my son is going he is not long for the world of regular schools.

So far this year, he has punched another boy in the stomach, he has stolen someone else’s snacks, and today he was choking another student.  I don’t understand… we have had many conversations about hands not being for hitting/hurting others, we have talked about other people’s belongings being their own and not taking things, we have talked about not always acting on what we are thinking.  He has been punished by losing items he loves, losing privileges, losing treats, losing free time, adding in chores, making him work off the price of replacing stolen goods, apologizing always, and I am really not clear on what else to do.

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2 Comments on “Feeling Like A Bad Parent”

  1. Have you asked him why he does it? Maybe he’s anxious about something?

    • jennieology Says:

      Yeah, we ask with each new incident and he mostly says that he doesn’t remember. Sometimes he has said that the other kids are mean to him and he wants to get back at them and the teacher never seems to know any details she is strangely useless it seems she is always at lunch when these things happen.

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