Yesterday I got a letter explaining to me that I am being laid off.  Now, I understand that money is tight, I know it isn’t personal, and yet I have a very hard time not taking it personally.

I am freaked out, though I know that as always, we will be fine. I just am not someone who can handle change like this easily.  It was supposed to be me walking out on them, telling them to go fuck off and that I did not need them.  Not them handing me an “outplacement” packet saying have a good afternoon with a smile on their faces.

Then I came home and as I began checking my email my plans went out the window with the one job available notifying me they hired someone else, but thanks for my application.

Bad things come in 3s right?  I guess the question is what’s next.

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4 Comments on “Ranting”

  1. Kori Says:

    These are bad on the surface (and I would be much, much less calm than you, that is for sure), but maybe the exact perfect job is just waiting around hte corner. change sucks though, I totally relate to that!

    • jennieology Says:

      I am only surface level calm, I stayed home from work today because I spent all night thinking and not sleeping fearing the worst and imagining millions of options playing out in my mind trying to pick the ones that suck the least to hold on to and remember.

  2. Girlfriend! You can collect unemployment! That would not be possible if YOU had left THEM. That’s just one possibility. I know the perfect job is just waiting for you…about 90 miles west.

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