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Work Out Day 17

February 4, 2010

Today is the 17th day in a row that I have faithfully worked out and I think that I am going to die.  I really really have needed to work out for quite some time and now that I am, I am remembering why the saying “ignorance is bliss,” exists.

Let me give you a small recap…

Day 1 – Starting the video I laugh, thinking about how simple this all sounds, 25 minutes should be a cake walk… 5 minutes in, I can barely breathe and I am praying for the end. When the end finally arrives I am proud that I finished and thinking  I am ready for day 2.

Day 3 –  I can barely move my legs, people at work are asking why I am walking funny and I am thinking the soreness is at an end. As I work out that night, I contemplate cutting off my legs.

Day 6 – I am still very sore (that’s how out of shape I was/am), but the workout is going much smoother, there are actual points where I can breathe.

Day 7 – Reward day!! I went to dinner at Panera and had a delicious bread bowl with chicken soup for dinner. Oh and I worked out.

Fast forward (imagine the soreness and workout-ness)

Day 14 – Reward day ! After working out I went to the bookstore and was able to pick out a brand new book just for me!

Now, at day 17 I feel as if I may actually make it to day 30.  During the work out I am able to breathe now, I am lifting actual weights, not just soup cans, and I am looking forward to starting the work out. That is if my knee doesn’t suddenly give out. I am really working hard to lose weight and to focus my efforts while I have this time alone.

P.S.  In case you have noticed and are wondering, every week there is a fun reward so that I keep myself going.  On the 21st day I am going to a movie!  Now to decide on the movie.  Any suggestions?