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All Alone

January 7, 2010

I have been part of a couple and family for such a long time that being all alone is a strange and very foreign concept.

Especially, being an adult all alone, I was 17 when I met my husband, at 27, I am a grown-up, but all alone I feel like a kid again and not in the good way.  As a mom, usually a five minute break is peaceful and enough restorative time that I am ready to interact or hang out. And, let me tell you, to go from having kids and a husband to come home to each day, while sometimes exhausting, is very different from coming home to be an adult alone.

What does an adult do when they have all this time to just exist? I have found myself actually picking up my socks from the floor or putting away dishes, and to top of the list sleeping.  It is very concerning to go into a room that I have lived in for a week and find not one mess, and even when I have “accidentally” thrown things around, I annoyingly keep picking it up while I search for things to do.

Now, my husband and I are not having any issues, or things like that, we just bought a house that is too far away from where I work to travel each day, so I am forced to be away.  When we first came up with this idea being “single” for 6 months sounded cool and exciting, after all it had been 10 years.

I was wrong.

This is not cool or exciting. In fact, it is depressing and even an entire bag of fruit flavored tootsie rolls can’t change that (it just causes a massive sugar-induced stomachache I have discovered).


New Favorite Website

January 1, 2010

I was recently looking at stuff online and I have discovered this website that is my new heaven!  If you can go there and find nothing you like then, I have nothing to say.  Anyway, go visit and window shop with me! The following are just a few of the things on my wish list.


The best mug ever!


Never again will I fear another boo-boo!

Crayola Pen

Time to look like a true adult at my meetings with my new pens.