Note to Self – Moving Edition

Dear Self,

You should probably donate half of the stuff you own, cross out anything on your Christmas list for the next 10 years, and stop thinking of ways that the useless junk you have could be re-purposed!  I can  not believe the amount of packing that you have done and the tiny dent you have made in the rest of the shit that needs to be packed.  What is wrong with you?  Do you live in a society that is strong-arming you into materialism?  Are you falling into the realm of hoarding?

All that can be said is, dear lord, please, please, please , do not buy another thing until you have officially unpacked and sifted through every single item you are about to pack up overnight before all the help arrives to take this mess to the truck.



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One Comment on “Note to Self – Moving Edition”

  1. I don’t know if you guys are off-line right now. I just wanted to write and say that I hope things are going okay with the move(s)!

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