Let’s Go Shopping!

Okay so I was reading another post today by Jess talking about online addictions and I have truly found mine.  Thanks to an email from my husband I am now newly addicted to shoe shopping online.  I have pictured myself buying many, many pairs!  It’s so exciting and free… except for the ones I actually bought.

shoes from overstock.com

I like these ones

shoes from overstock.com


shoes from overstock.com

I don't think I could stand in these but they are cute!

shoes from overstock.com

I want them!

…and there are more, many, many more.  Shoe shopping was never so easy!  Plus free overnight shipping!  Someone please disconnect my internet before I am broke and hoarding millions of pairs of shoes.

PS. If you, too, would like to see more terrific shoes, head over to where these beauties are from.

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7 Comments on “Let’s Go Shopping!”

  1. Zappos is awesome, too, with the free shipping, both ways! I never worry about fit anymore.

  2. Don’t the kids need new shoes? And the hubby?

  3. Jess Says:

    Well isn’t this interesting! I happen to be going shopping for shoes today!!! First pair I have bought in ohhhhhhh about five years. The holes in my other shoes were letting water in. That is how I judge when I need a new pair! 🙂 LOL! Happy online shopping!

    • jennieology Says:

      Yeah, shoes are my thing and I have managed to be very, very good until recently when I bought a pair that my husband truly hates. That’s how this whole thing began, he hated my shoes and said that I could get a better look from online shoe shopping and sent me links at work, and then I spent 2 hours ignoring my students and shopping for shoes.

  4. Hey, I don’t hate the SHOES at all, it’s the price I wasn’t fond of. Now, if you want to talk about shoes of yours I hate, how about you post a picture of those stupid spangly ones you love so much? The ones that kind of match that horrible, horrible shirt.

    It’s shirts… sorry, “blouses” and shoes like these that make me feel like some kind of mincing fashion maven, which I couldn’t be farther from.

    Look at that, two out of four sentences ending in prepositions! Nice bookends. Take THAT, establishment!

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