The Best Present I Have Received

During my childhood I spent a great deal of my time daydreaming a glorious future for myself, so I could make it through my interminably oppressive present.  I spent a lot of time wondering about questions like:  Who would I be?  Would I be happy?  Would I have children?  Could I be a good mother given the questionable example of my own?  Would I have a decent job?  Would I have a husband?   Would I ever be loved? Would I get to do everything I dreamed of?

Well, not that I have the final answer to all of these questions, but I can say that I am happy overall so far, that I do have children, and that though they make me insane some days, I am a good mother.   I can say that I have a decent job and I can say that all of these things connect to one major part of my life.  My husband.

My husband is not just any husband, he is kind, loving, and helpful (even when I wish he weren’t). He isn’t perfect, but he is what I want when I am happy or sad and anywhere in-between.  We have been through a great deal in our time together and I would not trade a minute of my life with him for anything in the world.   What I have learned in the time we have been together is that love can mend one’s soul, and that even I can be loved unconditionally.

Thank you for what I was sure as a child was impossible,  I love you.

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2 Comments on “The Best Present I Have Received”

  1. Happy Anniversary? I see you tagged it as early BD present, so I’m not sure which.

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