Work Frustration Rant

Today has been a long day.  Why does my district spend al this money to send me to training that I have already done?  I sit for three hours in a room when only 20 minutes really apply.  This leads me to wonder what in the fuck goes on when my district plans this shit out. I was really hoping that when they say refresher they mean refresher and not we are going to treat you like you are a retard and walk you through this for the third time and pretend that this is all so beneficial.  When really, if I could be in my classroom and working with kids, then my time would be beneficial and I could read a memo with the same information.

I hate when people eat loudly!  Fuck!  Everyday in my “team” meeting this woman eats so loudly you can hear her from across the room.  It is disgusting.  I do not have anyway to approach her, but I tell you that everyday I sit in this meeting dreaming of her choking and dying on her food.  I know this is terrible, but sweet baby jeebus, I hate, hate, hate, it and I really wish there was a tactful way to say shut your damn Angelina Jolie lips and eat with your mouth shut so I do not have to hear each piece of food go into your mouth and be processed.

What is the point in being part o f a team that doesn’t want you and doesn’t include you in anything unless it is a shit job that they do not feel like doing?  This is something that annoys the shit out of me.  Every day for 45 minutes I sit in a “team” meeting, and everyday, I do try to enter with hope that today will be the day, but thus far, I have yet to reach the day.  Right now, I get “oh your kids don’t matter” or “oh, that would be great go ahead and waste your time and do that for us so we can ignore you and pretend it has never been mentioned.  this is insanely useful and fun.  I know that sometimes my negativity does seep into what is going into theses meetings as well, but I will tell you that the over all attitude I receive is what forms my negativity.  Please, if you are out there and forced to be a part of a team, remember that every one out there is being forced to be a part of a team and would like the same respect that you would like.

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4 Comments on “Work Frustration Rant”

  1. Kori Says:

    If I had to go to team meetings I would probably have to start drinking again. Just sayin.’

    • jennieology Says:

      That is pretty much how I feel! It is the worst thing I have ever been subjected to and I have been through a lot.

  2. YOU, lady, need a new team. Like in a new district, where people know what they are doing. And chew with their mouths closed.

    • jennieology Says:

      I agree and if this new house thing pans out I will have to get a new job and hopefully these schools are much better!

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