Punishment Log – 1

I am a young parent and one who grew up in an environment where her mother used many a creative punishment.  Not wanting to completely screw with my kid I have stuck to the very regular kinds of punishments.

The reliable timeouts, no desserts, toys being taken away – both for a limited period of time or forever, and not going to the park/whatever fun place we were supposed to be going.

Even though I don’t have many readers, today I ask those of you out there to hear my cry for help and please tell me your useful punishments for your kids.  Mine are getting old and my son is starting to seem as if he doesn’t care.*

* Though the other day he did lose desserts, just before he was invited by his grandma to make cookies for a family party,and boy did he feel the effects of that.  After all, my friends, is the best part of making cookies, but eating them.

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2 Comments on “Punishment Log – 1”

  1. Try some Jim Fay. Have you done school workshops on Jim Fay’s Love and Logic. Awesome stuff, AND it keeps the problem where it should be. On HIS shoulders, not yours. LOVE that guy.

    • jennieology Says:

      This is something I will have to google. I have not heard of Jim Fay and I think that I may have to find out more!

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