Spelt Personality

Society seems to have some official rules of spelling that dictate that Jennie should be spelled with a y, but as you can see, this blog will not conform to these spelling laws that are so commonly followed. That’s right: I’m an outlaw.

What’s the big deal about spelling it with an ie, you say? Well, first of all, my name is Jennie. Just Jennie.. not Jennifer, not Jenifer, and certainly not Jennipher. Until I got my driver’s license, I believed with all my being that -ie was the proper way for any dignified person to spell my name. I mean, that’s how I was told I should spell it by my mother, and she named me, after all. Then at the ripe old age of 17, I found out my true identity (pause for huge effect)… I am legally named Jenny. Not a huge deal, right?


I spent 17 fucking years correcting people, looking for crappy memorabilia with my name on it, signing my name to pretty important crap like bank accounts, school records, blah, blah, blah.

“No, Ma’am I am not wrong, I do know my own name, and it isn’t ‘really Jennifer’ and no, surely I do have a full first name… I already told you: it’s Jennie.” This was a treasured conversation at the beginning of each school year, followed up with, “Yup, it’s J-e-n-n-I-E, not with a -y” as the teacher was making me a new name card for my desk. At 6 this seemed important, at 9 it just was what it was, and at 15 it was annoying as shit.

So, today I stand before you as Jennie in all things other than the important ones such as licenses, leases, loans, education, employment, marriage, and the like.

As a side note to all parents out there, no matter how hopped up on drugs you are when having/naming your child don’t pick one spelling of a name and then years later forget what you chose.*

* Equally important: Don’t name your child Chlamydia. I know this seems like a pretty obvious tip, but that’s a story for another time.

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2 Comments on “Spelt Personality”

  1. HAve you ever legally changed it? I know it costs money. Funny how we can change our last names for free (women can, anyway)but the first name is a big deal.

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